Problems Affecting the Skin of the Feet

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Problems Affecting the Skin of the Feet

On the following pages  are some common problems affecting the skin of the feet and some general advice  about how to address thes e problems. Remember that this advice is for information only  and is not meant to replace  the advice of your doctor  or other health care professionals. 


The Skin problems discussed in this chapter include:
Dry skin, moist skin between the toes, sweaty or smelly feet, athlete's foot, blisters, itching skin, including eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions, and parasetic infestations.

Bacterial infections, Skin changes associated with blood flow, including purpura, venous statis dermatitis, hemosiderin desposits, Raynaud's, disease/phenomenon, and fragile or " thin" skin, plantar warts.
Calluses and corns, including underlying injuries, cracking skin, pressure ulcers, and seed corns (porokeratosis).
Reference: Great Feet for Life; Paul Langer, DPM