Moist Skin between the Toes

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Moist Skin between the Toes


Weave a thin strip of lamb's wool between your toes to help alleviate excessive moisture.

Excessive moisture between the toes can cause the skin to break down, or "macerate".
Macerated skin appears white and sloughs off as it weakens and breaks down. 



Macerated skin is vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infections, which can cause redness, itching, and cracking.  If your perspire excessively and are vulnerable to repeated athlete's foot infections, you are more likely to have maceration between your toes.


To treat excessive moisture between your toes, carefully dry your skin after bathing, apply foot powder, and weave a thin strip of lamb's wool between your toes.

Allowing the feet to air " air out" also helps. For stubborn cases, antifugals, antibiotics, or drying agents may be prescribed by a podiatrist.


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