Common Toenail Conditions - Bleeding Under The Nail

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Common Toenail Conditions - Bleeding Under The Nail


Black, purple, or blue colour changes to the nail after a nail injury usually mean there is bleeding under the nail.


Bleeding under the nail is commonly caused by dropping something heavy on the toenail or stubbing the toe nail against a hard object.


It can also be caused by wearing a tight pair of shoes or having a thick nail If the nail is not painful, it does not need to be treated.


Typically a damaged nail will loosen over the course of several weeks or months until it seperates completely.


Gradually, a new nail will grow out to replace the old one. In fact, the injured nail is often "pushed off" as the new nail grows underneath it.




It usually takes eight to ten months for the new nail to completely grow  out over the nail bed.


If you have an injured nail that is loosening from the nail bed, trim it so that it does not catch on your socks or sheets.


Nails with loose edges can also be covered with a bandage or medical tape to prevent further injury.



If the nail is painful and there is notable redness or swelling, the blood may need to be drained .


Draining often offers dramatic and immediate pain relief as the pressure under the nail is reduced.


A medical professional should perform this procedure to avoid further injury and infection.


Reference: Great Feet For Life: Paul Langer, DPM 


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