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The awareness and professional care of our feet according to current references was evidenced by bas relief carvings at the entrance of Anhmahors tomb where the work of hands and feet is depicted. 

Many Egyptologists believe tending feet, probably spanned the whole of the Egyptian civilization until the19th dynasty. The placement of carvings at the entrance of a tomb, typically signified the profession of the buried individual, and the tomb of the physician dates from 2400 years BC. 

the awareness continues with Hippocrates of Cos 370-460, BC he is said to have visited Egypt as part of his medical training, and is referred to as the father of medicine in ancient Greece, part of his accolade of credits is the advancement of he systematic study of clinical medicine, included in his medica corpus, was the development of medical instruments, scrapers and scalpels, which are also commonly used in the care of the feet.

(Adams 1844)(Ead 1988)




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