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Supplies, Description, and Usage - Tech Nails

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Supplies, Description, and Usage - Tech Nails

  • The following list itemizes and describes the supplies necessary to adequately provide advanced nail techniques.
  • Supplies for Manicures and Advanced Nail techniques


  • This is used as the base ingredient for most nail polish removers.
  • It is also used for dissolving nail glue, tips, acrylic and other bonding materials.


  • Most acrylic nail products available on the market consist of polymers (powders) and monymers (liquids). When mixed together they harden in about one to three minutes.
  • The Liquid (monymer) has a strong odor which can effect the technician.
  • The vapors may cause burning, itching, and watering of the eyes; dizzyiness; headaches;nausea;burning of the nose, throat, and lungs; and swelling of the nail beds and fingertips.
  • Sometimes blisters will appear on the fingers or nail bed. 


  • To lessen these problems a disposable face mask can be worn to avoid inhalation of the vapors and dust (caused from filling).
  • Also an air filter should be installed for ventilation.
  • To protect hands, plastic gloves or fingergaurds can be worn.

  • Some customers may have an allergic reaction to the chemicals.
  • Ask customers if they are sensitive to chemicals mor have allergic reactions.

  • Signs of allergic irritations to the cuticle area, burning of the nail bed, or swelling of the finger.

  • If these symptoms appear, the acrylic should be removed immediately.

  • The powder (polymer) is available in three colours. Clear, pink, or white.

  • The clear and pink can be used on the nail bed and over the nail tips

  • The white is used to build the tip for sculptured na


  • Alcohol-
  • Used to sanitize all implements. Applied to the nail bed before the application of wrap, to clean the nail bed.
  • Antiseptic Soap-

  • Used to clean hands and feet, antiseptic soap helps to stop the spread of bacteria, infection, and germs.
  • Base Coat-
  • A clear base coat is used under colored nail enamel. A good base coat can prevent stains on the nail bed from dark colors and helps the polish wear longer.
  • A conditioning base coat can protect the nail from enamel drying out.
  • Buffers-
  • Buffers are used after shaping nails to smooth the surface,.
  • There are many types and shape available: square, round, oblong,and rectangular.
  • You always should try new kinds to find the one that gives you the best results.

Cotton Balls-


Cotton balls are used saturated with polish remover or antiseptic.

  • Cuticle Massage Cream-

  • Conditioning cream to massage into the cuticles after a manicure or any time to treat dry cuticles.
  • Cuticle Pusher-
  • The cuticle pusher is used to push back the cuticle and carefully scrape the ccuticle that is stuck to the nailbed. Scraping too hard can scratch the nail, causing a weak spot in the nail bed.
  • Metal pushers are not recommended . Plastic or wood is less the natural nail.
  • Duster Brush-
  • A contour brush or any stiff makeup brush can be used to remove dust from the nail bed after filing and before any product is applied.
  • This is better than cotton because it leaves no cotton string on the nail bed.
  • Use this tool after nails have been cleaned and sanitized. Wash with antiseptic soap daily.
  • Emery Block-
  • Made of a sponge-like substance the emery board comes in several grades: Soft medium, medium coarse, and medium fine. Gray in color, it can be used with oil and washed.
  • Feathers-
  • Beautiful feathers are used like decals to decorate the nails.
  • When combined with gems and stripes you can create beautiful designs 

Reference: Tech nails: Tammy Bigan

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