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Appreciate Your Feet

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Appreciate Your Feet

ccording to the American Podiatric Medical Association, by age Fifty the average person has walked 75`000 miles, or the equivalent of three laps around the earth. Though the human feet are marvelous shcok absorbers, all theseMiles, ultimately, take a toll.

After age thirty the human body begins to lose nerve function, muscle mass, bone mass, and flexibility. In addition, the fat pad on the bottom of the feet may start to thin, causing pain in the bones of the feet. And for many, the toes may start to curl as well. It has been well documented that foot problems increase with age.




A European study found less than 3 %percent of those over sixty had normal feet. To lead an active lifestyle it helps to have healthy feet. Healthy feet allow you to do many things that preserve your health and independence. Many of the most common chronic diseases are better managed by maintaining an active lifestyle.


The damaging effects of heart disease, diabetes, circulation disorders, depression, obesity, and arthritis can be lessened by remaining active. Conversely, foot problems can compromise your health and independence. Losing the ability to walk, for example, leads to decreased self-esteem, social isolation, and a lower quality of life.


Even such simple activities as grocery shopping or gardening can become difficult, if not impossible, without the firm foundation provided by healthy feet. 


Try a Soothing Peppermint Foot Gel, for refreshed feet.


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