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Supplies, Description, and Usage - Tech Nails-2

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Supplies, Description, and Usage - Tech Nails-2 


Fiberglass Nail Wraps- 

  • A fibreglass mesh is used to cover the nail bed and free edge of the nail. A special bonding resin that resembles thick glue is spread evenly over the fibreglass mesh, which is then sprayed with an activator that sets the resin and makes the glass mesh bond to the nail. The wrap is filled, then buffed.
  • Proper use of the fibreglass products is very important. A chemical reaction can cause a hot burning sensation to the client if used improperly.
  • Also any nail bed that has been injured or recently broken , filled too thin, or is just palin sensitive can have a greater burn reaction.
  • Every client must be aware of these possibilities. The heat sensation will subside almost as fast as it comes. Also tapping on top of the nail bed with an orange stick will increase circulation and distract discomfort. Test patches are recommended for anyone who is sensitive.



  • There are many kinds of files , from very coarse to very fine. The coarse file is best used on acrylic and for shaping nail tips., while the finer file is used to smooth the surfac of silk or linene. Never use a worn out file, this can cause discomfort from friction. 

Filler Powder- 

  • Fine powder in squeezable bottles is sprinkled onto the glue to fill in space between the nail tip on the underside of the nail if needed, or to fill in the ridge between the nail and tip. Acrylic powder can be used in its place but both powders are hard to file. 

Fingernail Brush- 

  • Small brush with a handle to scrub under the free edge and clean cuticles when manicuring or doing nail artistry. 


Glue Setter-

  • Glue setters enable the glue to set instantly when wrapping or applying tips. They can be found in pump or aerosol sprays. The fast-drying action can make the nail bed burn if too much is used . Use caution- always spray very lightly.
  • (To apply nail tips with setter, prepare nail plate, spray lightly.( To apply nail tips with setter, prepare nail plate, spray lightly, apply glue to nail tip. and press in place.It adheres instantly so be sure it is straight. Spray lightly after applying glue, then file.) 

Gold Leaf-

  • Gold leaf is available for applying to nails. You can get a beautiful gold nugget effect or a solid gold nail. It is applied with clear polish.


Light. Nail Gel-

  • This gel is applied to a nail tip to wrap a material nail or extend the nail using the sculptured nail method. This gel does not set until exposed to the light rays of a special ultraviolet lamp.
  • Light nail gel is odorless; it should be used under specific instructions according to the system purchased.
  • Heat sensation can occur on the nail bed if used too thickly or if the nail is damaged. 


  • Linen fabric is applied with nail glue on natural nails for reinforcement. It is also used to wrap nail extensions. Linen is stronger than silk but does not look as natural. The linen is not transparent and cannot be worn without polish.
  • When applied properly it should have a smooth finish. There are several types of linen being used . The linen fabric is actually cotton. The closer the weave the better. Pre-cut and strips or rolls are available. 


Nail Clippers-

  • Nail clippers come in two sizes, small and large. The small size is to cut fingernails and the large size is for the toe nails. The toenail clippers are great for cutting nail tips when doing nail extensions. 

Nail Gems-

  • Nail gems come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. They are flat on one side and are easily set in clear polish to decorate nails. 

Nail Glue-

  • Nail glues are used for glueing on nail tips and applying linen or silk wraps. There are two types of glue: thin, fast-drying glue and thick, slow-drying. Glue will dissolve in regular polish remover or acetone. 

Nail Polish Color-

  • The color of the polish used should enhance the appearance of the client's nails and skin tone. Most clients will choose their own color. Usually two coats are used . When completly dry, it can darken the color. Because nail polishes vary in price choose those that wer well on the natural nail.
  • Keep in mind that nails that are wrapoped will hold the polish much longer because the polish is on a solid surface. When nail polish chips, it is usually because the nail itself has chipped or peeled, thus taking the polish with it.
  • Nail Tape-
  • An adhesive tape in many colors and widths - the favourite color is gold in the thin strip. 

Nail Tips-

  • Nail tips are used to extend the free edge of the natural nail. Nail tips have numbers printed inside to indicate the sizes. The sizes range from one through ten, one being the largest and ten the smallest.
  • Several types of nail shapes are available as well as types of plastics. Some nails are clear, yellow, hard, soft, thick, and thin. To best determine which to use try all that you can to see which is most comfortable for you.
  • The shape of the client's nail bed is an important determining factor in which type of nail to use. For this reason it is wise to have several types on hand to be sure you have a compatable shape for all clients.

No Light Gel-

  • The gel used to coat the nail is thick and easy to control with an orangewood stick. After covering the prepared nail or nail extension an activator spray is used to set the gel and bond it to the nail.
  • There are several systems on the market and more to come.
  • Follow the procedures given for each system. Proper use can prevent any hot burning sensations to clients. Broken nails and sensitive nail beds can burn more.
  • Clients should be told to expect it. The hot spot goes away almost as fast as it comes. If you tap on the top of the nail bed with an orangewood stick after spraying, circulation will increase and distract the heat sensation.
  • Always use great care when using any nail product that contains chemicals.

Reference: Tech Nails: Tammy Bigan

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