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Dry Skin


Dry Skin

Dry skin can result from pure nutrition, dehydration, decreased blood flow, weather changes, smoking, or simply a normal part of the ageing process. Our skin produces less oil as we age, which naturally results in drier skin.There are a number of infectious diseases that can cause dry skin as well.Athlete's foot is a common cause of dry skin  and is discussed later in this chapter.

Soap can also dry your skin. Some soaps are harsher than others, so consider switching to a milder soap if dryness is a persistent problem.


Basic dry skin without redness, cracking, blistering, scaling, or open sores can usually be treated with moisturizing lotion or cream. Applied once daily..or, in the drier climates, twice daily - most moisturizing lotions work quite well.


For persistent dry skin that flakes or develops into thick callus, moisturizing creams or lotions that also have a gentle exfoliating acid may be helpful.

Ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl acids (glycolic or lactic acid) or urea can help to dissolve the dry skin while moisturizing the healthy skin. Creams are thicker and work better on extremely dry skin but can feel greasy. Lotions are better for daily use  and feel less greasy. Eucerin Kerasal, AmLactin or Carmol are brands of lotions and creams that work effectively. But since they come in a number of varieties, make sure that the product you select contains an exfoliating agent.



Product labels that use such terms as " for extra dry skin" or "for rough, scaly skin 2 usually contain one or more exfoliating agents. be aware, though, that these ingredients can irritate the skin if used too often, or if used on skin that is not dry and scaling. They can also make the skin more sensitive to the effects of the sun. Some people find that they only need the exfoliating lotion during the winter months or periodically when dry skin builds up.

The best time to apply moisturizing lotion is immediately after gently towel drying, following a bath or shower. Application of lotion after bathing helps to retain moisture of the shower or bath water on your skin.


Unless directed to by your doctor, moisturizing lotions or creams should never be applied between the toes.The skin there can become excessively moist with lotions.This excessive moisture can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.Dry skin between the toes is most often a sign of athlete's foot or other skin condition and should be treated with medication rather than a moisturizer.

Reference: Great Feet for Life: Paul Langer DPM 

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