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Home Remedies For Fungal Nails

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Home Remedies For Fungal Nails

Folklore, propagated by the internet, is full of "sure-fire cures" for fungal nails. These home remedies include bleach, distilled vinegar, herbs, mentholated petroleum jelly, disinfectan cleaner, and even urine. These so-called cures may be worse than the disease.

  • While some may kill fungus, they can also harm healthy skin and lead to serious complications, including infection. While some may kill fungus, they can also harm healthy skin and lead to serious complications, including infection.A physician or podiatrist can diagnose a fungal infection and determine if medical treatment is warranted. Yet, medical treatment of toenail fungus is rarely quick or easy. 
  • The fact is, fungal infections are stubborn and require time, expense (especially if the treatment is not covered by your health insurance  plans) and some risk (Oral antifugals, for example are hard on the liver.) At the same time, however, medical treatment is the best and sometimes the only way to successfully treat fungal nails.

  • How aggressively should a toenail fungus be treated?
  • That determination is best made in cnsultation with a podiatrist, dermatologist, or medical doctor who commonly treats the condition. There are a number of considerations that should factor into the decision. The appearance of nails, while extremely embarrassing for some, is often not sufficient reason in and of itself to use expensive medications with potentially strong side effects. 
  • A fungal infection that involves more than one nail, causes pain or a secondary bacterial infection, and has been confirmed with a fungal culture is more likely to be considered a condition requiring treatment by both medical professionals and insurance providers. And as mentioned earlier, systemic medical conditions such as diabetes and circulation disorders may make it more important to treat the fungal infection aggressively with prescription medications. 

  • Conversely, because the oral medication can cause liver side effects, some people who take multiple medications for chronic conditions may not be able to take antifungal medication safely, however bad the condition of their nails. Fortunately, most people with fungal nail infections have a relatively minor infection that does not require prescription medication. 
  • They tend to do very well with nonprescription topical medications and regular nail trimming. For these people, the fungal nails are more of a nuisance than a medical condition requiring aggressive medical treatment. 

Reference: Feet For Life: Paul Langer: DPM

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