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Tech Nails-Introduction

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Tech Nails-Introduction

Advanced nail techniques allow almost anyone with undesirable nails to have beautiful nails thanks to the many ways to lengthen, strengthen , and shape them to perfection.

All wrapping techniques add strength to naturaL nails, and protect them from daily wear and tear that might othewise destroy them.

  • If nails are short, they can be strengthened and lengthened by gluing a tip extension or making a sculptured nail with acrylic.

No matter what type of extension is used, the main objective is to have natural nails with the aid of a wrap to keep them there.

Extensions are eventually filed away during maintenance manicures and fill-ins. As the nail grows foward, the wrap and the extension move foward with it and the nail gets longer.


  • To maintain a desired length, the nail must be shortened, thus removing one while replacing the other end which is the base of the nail.

Little by little the extension is filed away and the natural nail is left under the wrap.

  • This must be explained to every client receiving any type of wrap with an extension. When the natural nail gets to the desired length, the wrap, is still needed.

The nail did not grow before the wrap and it can't survive without it.


If a client has strong nails that don't need the wrap, but one nail breaks and the client wants an extension until it grows back, then only do maintenance manicures and file the extension a little each time.

No matter what wrapping or extending technique is being used, you must remember that the way you shape a nail with your file determines the end result.

  • Always try to preserve the natural nail and avoid damage by using great care in protecting it.

Take pride in your work and do the best you can.


Reference: Tech nails: Tammy Bigan: 

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