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Introduction to Nail Techniques

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Introduction to Nail Techniques


Nail Care Has been around for centuries . Once only a few could indulge in this luxury. Now, more people, both male and female, are getting their hands and feet cared for on a regular basis along with their hair and body. Nail care is included in total personal care.

  • The number of nail care services has increased along with the demand for its services. Supplies are endless and are an important part of the trade. The manicure alone is no longer enough to satisfy the needs of public demand.

Nail extensions are increasing in popularity as are the the different supplies and procedures used to reinforce or add strength to nails. All of these makes the nail industry a multi million dollar business.

  • Knowing everyone is different and has different needs makes determining the right nail service important.To do this, a knowledge and understanding of each given nail service is important in succeeding in business.

A full knowledge of manicure theory, sanitation, bacteriology, and proper procedure is crucial to promote healthy nails and cuticles.



Rember, Product knowledge is a must in order to get the most beneficial use of supplies you use and to avoid hurting the client and/or causing permanent damage.

Knowing all the services available will insure that you never have to turn a client away. Anyone should be able to come to you and say I have acrylic and I need a fill-in or, I need a maintenance manicure for my linen wrap.



A good nail technician can become a best friend to every client's hands. You are an artist creating a picture on a living canvas. Your art does not hang in one spot on a wall but is seen every place your client goes.

Remember whheter you do manicure, sculptured nails, or decorate every nail with gold and gemstones, the value of your work is still the same, a work of art, a change for the better.


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