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Foot Conditions and Injuries: Great Feet for Life

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 Foot Conditions and Injuries: Great Feet for Life 


Let's face it, the feet take a lot of abuse. They are bumped, banged, stepped on, crammed into shoes, and forced to absorb the constant pounding of thousands of daily steps.


And because they support and move the body, they need ideally to heal quickly after they've been overused, abused, and injured. Yet today's active life style provied little rest or recovery time for the feet.

Because of the constant demands on the feet, even minor foot injuries can be slow to heal. What can be done?


The good news is that the body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself-under the right conditions.

The conditions most important to rejuvenating and healing the feet are good pressure distribution (away from painful area), proper cushioning and support from footwear, and in certain cases, decreasing or changing activities until the foot improves.

A general principle to keep in mind is that the longer a foot injury has been present the longer it will take to heal.


For this reason, it is important to respond to any foot injury quickly so that it can start healing immediately and you can resume normal activities that will instantly resolve all pain from a foot or lower-leg injury (e.g., sprained ankle) The best long term results tend to be achieved gradually.


Reference: Great Feet For Life Paul Langer, DPM

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