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Appointment Book - Tec Nails

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Appointment Book - Tec Nails

When booking appointments always write clearly. Other people may have to read it. Always print both first and last names of every client and phone numbers, allowing you to call the client for any reason.

  • Some reasons to call might be: if you are running late you can call the following appointment and ask her or him to come later, a missed appointment can be called to reschedule, or someone can be called to fill a canceled appointment. To schedule a new client get the address to add to a client service card later.

Be sure to write the correct service for every appointment. Some take longer than others and need to be scheduled accordingly. It can be upsettingif a client expects a manicure and four tips and you only can do a manicure. To please that client you will likely to be late for the next one.

Make sure time is left between every client to sanitize table and implements.

Make each client's appointment with the with the number of arrival after they arrive. This shows they made the appointment and at the end of the day the last appointment has the number of clients you did that day.


It is best to confirm all appointments close enough together that you don't have big gaps between appointments. Get as much work in as possible without over booking yourself. Be sure to leave time for lunch and time to clean your station appointments.

The person who books your appointments must know how long it takes for each service. For your own good, make sure the receptionist knows, or do it yourself if possible. Some salons don't allow anyone behind the front desk, except the receptionist. If they cannot book your correctly, then take the problem to your boss ( who hopefully is not the receptionist).

Your appointment book is the most important tool in making money. Don't let someone mess it up for you. Without clients it doesn't matter how good you are; you still won't make any money. The following list of abbreviations can be used in an appointment book.

Appointment Book Abbreviations



 Full Set of Nails F.S. 
 Sculptured Nails  Sc.N.
Tips and Acrylic  T.A.
 Silk and Tips  Sk.T
 Silk Wrap on a Natural Nail . S.W
 Linen Wrap on a Natural Nail  L.W.
 Fill-ins F.I
 Manicure  Man.
 Hot Oil or Hot Cream Manicure 

H.O. Man.


 French Manicure  F.M.
 One Nail Tip  1N: 2N: 3N:

Combine the abbreviations to come up with the appointment needed. For example, a full set of sculptured nails would be abbreviated F.S./Sc.N. A full set of silkwraps with nail tips would be F.S./Sk.T. One nail and manicure would be 1N/Man


Reference: Tec Nails: Tammy Bighan:

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