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Start To Succeed - Tec Nails

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Start To Succeed - Tec Nails


Introduction: Many factors affect the success of a business, several of which you can directly control. For example, your attitude and personal appearance can affect owner/client relations. Physical factors include the surroundings, the work area, and the record keeping. Learn how to use these factors to their best advantage.

  • Attitude

Your personal attitude should always be compatable to your clientele.Be charming and maintain a professional environment. This is important to get respect from clients and co-workers. Never put down another technicians's work. Do not talk loudly about client's' nail problems: Keep it personal and confidential.

If you do have a disagreement with a client remember it is better to give a little extra service, such as no charge for a tip, than to lose the client.



Personal Appearance


Appearance plays a big part in being accepted: You must be neat and well groomed to service people who are looking for that very thing. Wear nails polish and keep your nails in good shape. Wear hair out of the way and dress professionally. Bad breath from smoking or from strong foods can be offensive, So remember to be considerate.




When clients walk into a salon they need to feel comfortable and welcomed. Try to create a nice atmosphere that is relaxing and papmering for everyone. Play background music that fits the mood of the salon. Use Plants and artwork for decorations and supply magazines and beverages for clients.


Setting Up the work area


The more organized you are, the easier is your job. Arrange your table so you know where everything is.

Keep supplies for each service in separate containers or drawers to avoid wasting time looking for something.

Find organizer boxes or trays that suit your needs.

Do not clutter your table. put only what you need on the table top. Keep other supplies in the drawer until needed.

Nail polish can be stored in a display area instead of on the table.


A pad or pillow can be stored in a display area instead of on your table.


Paper towels or other disposable covers can protect your good towels from glue, acrylic, or polish.


Sanitation supplies must be on your table at all times and used before each client. This is the law. You should also sanitize your table by wiping the table clean with an antiseptic spray. The clients' chairs also need to be maintained.


Have extra supplies on hand so you always have what you need for every service offered.


Reference: Tec NailsTammy Bigan

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